Friday, September 24, 2010

Hope springs eternal

Day 116
I didn’t consciously think about it until today, but my job hunt efforts were a bit derailed by phone calls from a couple of my friends early in the week. It seems that one of the jobs I applied for was checking references – or rather one of the people who interviewed me was checking references for jobs themselves are incapable of making phone calls. Why, you may ask? The answer is obvious; it’s the same reason your cat or dog can’t get their own water or food. No opposable thumbs. But I, as usual, digress.
When one hears that one’s references are being checked, one is filled with hope that the job hunt is nearing its end. One also gets concerned about the “to-do while unemployed” list and all the incomplete items on said list. So, it is now Friday and my week has been full, but I neglected to send out more job applications. Well, that is not entirely true; I did drive down to Davis and submit an application (amongst several hundred college students I’m sure) for the Trader Joe’s that is opening soon.
So, what did I do since I wasn’t combing the internet for new job opportunities? Lunch with one of my cousins who I met through genealogy research; learned how to make gnocchi the hard way (See Trader Joe’s and Gnocchi); spent a few hours in Folsom with former co-workers (one of whom is in the same boat I am); and converted one of my sprinklers to a drip system. Oh, and I attempted to take on my mortgage company again (See Loan Modification Schmoan Schmodification).
Today it was suggested (since I really don’t want to pay another $50 faxing all the paperwork that I already sent to them) that I go to one of their branch offices and have them fax the paperwork for me. I am still moderately concerned that it bothers them not that there are 49 pages of confidential and personal information lost in their office (I have the proof of successful transmission and they confirmed I used the correct fax number). It is also annoying that when I called I got transferred three times and had to provide loan number, physical address, mailing address (the same), phone number, name, and last four of my social security number EACH TIME. Anyway, I appreciated her making a practical suggestion and said I would do that. I hung up the phone, gathered up the paperwork and looked up the closest branch. It’s in Ohio!! I think the airfare or gas would be more than the $50 I’m kvetching about.
One last thing and this is a complete nonsequitor, has anyone else noticed the increase of people sharing baby pictures before the baby is born? It has become completely commonplace to have people carry the ultrasound results in their wallet and sharing them with friends. And what is funnier to me, is when said friends remark, “She’s got your nose.”
Here’s hoping I’ll get a call soon regarding that job. And in the meantime, I guess I should get back to the nose-to-the-grind job hunting again.

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