Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to gain 7 pounds in 108 days

September 16, 2010
Day 108 started with a change in my normal routine. Firstly, I was out of bed by 7:15 (as opposed to 8:30) and secondly, I was showered and dressed before 7:45 (as opposed to noon). And no, I did not have an interview. One advantage to being unemployed is that you can have mimosas with breakfast during the week. I headed over to have breakfast with a friend of mine who is also a member of the professionals-who-have-been-sacked club. The menu: homemade waffles with pecans, kielbasa, home-grown apples cooked with butter, cinnamon and sugar, and – of course – mimosas. As we chatted about our frustrations with our previous shared employer and our current shared cash flow problems because of said employer, I started talking about Facebook (she is one of the 5 people in the United States who are not on Facebook) and how I had followed the suggestions made by some of my friends that I keep all the rejection letters and write a book about my experiences. She suggested that I title it “Trials and Tribulations for the Unemployed Professional.” I kind of liked it.
            After breakfast it was time to get into my regular routine of oh-so-non-productive activities: check my email to see if any of the applications I sent in resulted in an interview (none); check Facebook to see what my friends have been doing since I last logged on (not much); play a game or two of Bejeweled Blitz (pretty crappy scores today); check to see if there are any new jobs I can apply for (there are a few, so I need to eventually go to the copy store and make more copies of the state application and my exam scores and get them in the mail); watch the season/series finale of Heroes (did that at the same time as the other daily routine things – I can add multi-tasking to my resume in the skills section); and check the snail mail box – I was pleased to find no rejection letters, not many bills, and, thankfully, my unemployment check. So, off to the bank I went to make a deposit to make sure the bills that are on auto-pay don’t bounce (haven’t had to worry about that for a very long time), and then a little splurge of a hot pastrami and Swiss cheese sandwich. Hmm, I think I’ve found the source of the 7 pound weight gain. On a positive note, I’ve cleared the laundry off of the exercise bike and am up to 20 minutes a day.

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